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Who We Are:
Established in 1980, Cleveland Housing Court is one of two specialized housing courts in the state of Ohio. Under the leadership of Administrative Judge W. Moná Scott, Housing Court has a civil component that hears cases, corporations and other entities. These cases most often involve landlord/tenant matters. Some examples include Forcible Entry and Detainers (evictions), motions to stay evictions, temporary restraining orders for utility shut-off, motions to compel repairs, rent deposits, motions for release of rents, and motions to prohibit re-rental. Other civil actions include receivership and nuisance abatements. Many of the litigants before Cleveland Housing Court represent themselves, including landlords and tenants.

Cleveland Housing Court also has jurisdiction over criminal cases filed by the City of Cleveland and the Village of Bratenahl against property owners and/or persons in control of property in these areas. These criminal cases involve violations of city or state laws relating to housing, building, fire, zoning, agriculture, health, sidewalks, waste collection, safety and air pollution. Fines and jail time are punishable outcomes if found guilty. These offenses are minor misdemeanors or first degree misdemeanors. Convictions on these offenses are punishable by fines and/or jail time.

Cleveland Housing Court has four departments that work together to successfully serve the citizens of Cleveland and Bratenahl:

The Administrative Department is comprised of Court Administrator Samantha Coleman; Deputy Court Administrator and Director of Human Relations Tanya Jones; Director of Communications Chris Ball; Project Coordinators; Chief Social Worker Valentina Pass; and Administrative Assistants. This department works to ensure that administrative tasks, public records requests, technical matters and other functions of the court are successfully executed and maintained.

The Housing Court Specialists Department led by Chief Housing Specialist Mary Barnwell is a unique part of Housing Court, as this department is comprised of court employees who work as probation officers and who also offer information and assistance in housing matters with the City of Cleveland.

The Magistrates Department led by Chief Magistrate Myra Torain Embry is comprised of magistrates, staff attorneys and coordinators who hear and rule on civil cases, conduct research and interface with case participants regarding hearing dates, evidence, etc.

The Bailiff Department led by Chief Bailiff Yusef Russell is comprised of a team of law enforcement professionals responsible for the safety and security of the Cleveland Housing Court, its employees and the public that it serves. Court bailiffs are authorized to provide physical enforcement to execute all official court orders, service court documentation, conduct evictions to retrieve properties of landlords, and provide a level of security that ensures a safe environment in which to conduct court business.

The primary goal of Cleveland Housing Court is to administer fair and impartial justice while maintaining transparency and community-based collaborations throughout the community. We are committed to serving the citizens of Cleveland and Bratenahl and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Court Contact Information

For questions about a Court date, a fine or outstanding balance of fines and costs, please call the appropriate branch of the Clerk’s Office. You will need to provide your case number when calling. You can also check the Clerk's website:
www.clevelandmunicipalcourt.org. Click on the Case Information link for information on your case.

Housing Court Specialists
(216) 664-4295
Traffic/Criminal Clerk's Office:

(216) 664-4790
Civil Clerk's Office:
(216) 664-4870
Small Claims:
(216) 664-4860
Trusteeships/Rent Deposits:
(216) 664-6910
Media Inquiries: 
Chris Ball 
(216) 664-6918


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