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An Overview
What is In the Neighborhood all about?

“In the Neighborhood” is a Community Outreach program of Cleveland Clerk of Courts Earle B. Turner. It helps people address legal issues that keep them from driving legally, getting a job or renting a place. People with warrants for traffic tickets and minor misdemeanors can meet one-on-one with clerk staff to get a realistic plan for getting past the warrants and getting their lives back on track.

NO ONE IS ARRESTED “In the Neighborhood”.  The clerk staff cannot make tickets and warrants disappear, but they do put people on payment plans or schedule them for court dates in Cleveland and more than a dozen suburbs.  View a schedule of “In the Neighborhood” dates, times and locations. See the list of suburbs that are partners of In the Neighborhood.

While waiting to meet one-on-one with a clerk, people can spend time with more than a dozen agencies in the room that can help with other needs or issues. The agencies offer help in areas from job training to sealing old criminal records. View the list of our partnering agencies and the services they offer. 

So that we can give quality service to all our guests without overwhelming our staff, we limit the number of people at each “In the Neighborhood” session. Attending one can take most of a day. To avoid getting turned away, read the details of how to get in here.



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