Civil Division FAQs

  • Did I get service on my case? Should I show up?

  • How and when do I collect my money?

  • Why am I being garnished?

  • How do I file a small claims case? What's the maximum amount of money I can claim?

  • How do I file an Answer?

  • I can't show up for court. How do I file for a continuance?

  • How much money do I owe on my judgment?

  • How do I get a judgment off my credit report?

  • How much time does the losing party have to file an objection?

  • What is the trusteeship program and how do I sign up?

  • How do I fill out the eviction forms?

  • Can eviction papers be filed through the mail? If so, how am I notified of my court date?

  • How do I notify the court if I have moved?

  • Is there a residency requirement for civil marriage ceremonies in the Cleveland Municipal Court?

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