Selective Intervention Program

The Selective Intervention Program (SIP), which started in 1984, is a diversionary program for criminal defendants with no prior criminal record or pending criminal cases.  It was designed to keep first offenders from being fully immersed into the criminal justice system.

The Court on its own motion or at the request of the defendant shall initiate an investigation into an offender’s eligibility to participate in the SIP. The probation department will then conduct an investigation to determine eligibility.  To be considered for the program, the defendant must enter no plea. If a plea is entered, it must be withdrawn.  The defendant must have no prior misdemeanor convictions with the exception of minor misdemeanors within the last 10 years, no previous participation in a diversion program and no previous probation supervision.  

Following the completion of its investigation, the Probation department shall make a recommendation to the Court regarding the defendant’s participation. An SIP Release/Contract must be signed by the participant agreeing to cooperate and abide by the conditions of the program. 

SIP, administered by the Probation Department, is an opportunity for successful participants to have their case dismissed by the court to avoid prosecution.  Participants must pay the $200 SIP fee for participation and for the application to seal their arrest record at the completion of the program.

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