Requirements for filing Garnishment of Personal Earnings:

Judgment must be obtained in or transferred into Cleveland Municipal Court.

If judgment is obtained in Cleveland Municipal Court, you must wait until after the 14-day objection period. If no objections are filed, you may proceed to file your attachment.

Filing Fee:
For judgment $3,000.00 and under the fee is $50.00.
For judgment $3,000.01 and over the fee is $85.00.

Affidavits & Forms:

Affidavit as required by O.R.C. 2716.03 (A).

One copy of the Notice of Court Proceeding to Collect Debt together with the Payment to Avoid Garnishment form with the proof of service (i.e.- Certificate of Mailing). This notice can not be filed until 15 complete calendar days have expired, but no later than 45 days from mailing date. If payment is received by the creditor/creditor attorney, the garnishment cannot be filed at this time. If no payment is received, proceed as follows below.

  • One original and two copies of Personal Earnings Section A. Copies must have affiant signature and notary/clerk signature.
  • One original of Personal Earnings Section B.
  • One original of Notice to Judgment Debtor for Personal Earnings.
  • One original of Request for Hearing for Personal Earnings.
  • One original of Interim Report. Make sure you fill out area on form for Creditor name and address.
  • One original of Final Report.

Forms should be filled out completely where appropriate, front and back. Case caption and case number must appear on all forms filed.

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