10th Floor - Court Tower
1200 Ontario Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Robert Furda, Chief Bailiff
Ph: (216) 664-3950
Fax: (216) 664-2358

Bailiff Department

The Bailiff’s Department is a law enforcement entity responsible for the safety and security of the Cleveland Municipal Courts, its employees and the public that it serves.

Court bailiffs are authorized by statute to:

  • Provide physical enforcement to execute all official court orders
  • Service court documentation
  • Detain and process all individuals remanded to the court’s custody
  • Detain all individuals involved in criminal acts upon court property for review, investigation, and charging by the city’s prosecutor and the Cleveland Police Department
  • Provide a level of security that ensures a safe environment in which to conduct court business.
A municipal court deputy bailiff is authorized to execute an arrest warrant at any place within the state of Ohio, so long as they have venue and subject matter jurisdiction. All deputy bailiffs receive special training and certification through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPATA), which is authorized by the State of Ohio.
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