Veterans Treatment Docket

Vision: ‘No Veteran Left Behind’

The Veterans Treatment Docket is a specialized docket that works within the framework of the Cleveland Municipal Court. It is intended to serve active-duty military service members and veterans who have become involved with the court.

Other specialty dockets operated by the court target probationers with similar behavioral issues and needs, including such challenges as mental health, alcohol and other drugs, domestic violence and solicitation. The Veterans Treatment Docket, however, deals with probationers whose actions may include a range of needs and offenses. What they have in common is not necessarily their behavior, but their past military service.

In recognition that many veterans return to civilian life with significant physical and mental trauma, which may contribute to their involvement with the criminal justice system, the court takes the responsibility for ensuring that veterans receive the treatment they need. By providing a specialized docket, our focus is to increase the veteran’s chance of success. Facilitating access to various treatment programs and fostering interaction with other veterans (Veterans Mentoring Program) helps to ensure that those who have served in our military forces receive the services they need and deserve.

The Veterans Treatment Docket received Specialized Docket Certification from the Supreme Court of Ohio on April 11, 2014. For more information about the Veterans Treatment Docket please contact:

Derek Moore
Veterans Treatment Docket Coordinator
(216) 664-4712

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