Community Orientation Program

In an effort to improve relations between the community and the police, the Community Orientation Program (COP) was created. Individuals who have been convicted of offenses resulting in negative interactions with the police are required to attend. COP is an education program which teaches the rights and responsibilities of citizens when they encounter the police. The goal of the program is to educate participants on what they should and should not do when encountering the police. Download "What to do When Stopped by the Police". The two-hour class is jointly taught by an attorney and a Cleveland Police Department commander. The class provides information from both legal and policing perspectives. This balanced approach provides an opportunity for instruction and dialogue between an attorney, police officer and program participants. The presence of the police officer allows for a positive exchange with a law enforcement officer in a neutral, non-confrontational environment. The class is taught at Cuyahoga Community College’s metro campus, in downtown Cleveland.


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