Legal and Constitutional Rights

The judges, magistrates and staff of Cleveland Municipal Court are bound by four primary sources of law: the United States Constitution, the Constitution of Ohio, the Ohio Revised Code, and the Cleveland Codified Ordinances.  The U.S. Constitution applies across the entire country.  The Ohio Constitution and the Revised Code apply across the entire state.  The Cleveland Codified Ordinances are local laws applying just within the city limits of Cleveland.  Each of these sources of law set forth rights as well as responsibilities for both residents of, and visitors to, Cleveland.

Here are useful links to these sources of law:

United States Constitution

Constitution of Ohio

Ohio Revised Code

Cleveland Codified Ordinances

Bratenahl Codified Ordinances

If you are charged with a crime or have been sued in Cleveland Municipal Court, you have the right to represent yourself, but if you have any questions about the law, you may wish to consult with a lawyer. The judges, magistrates and staff are not permitted to give you any legal advice.
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