Criminal Cost Schedule

Please refer to Schedule D, below, excerpted from the Local Rules of Practice and Procedure, Rule 18.

Schedule D

  • General Division Criminal Costs and Filing Fees

    DESCRIPTION OF COSTS          Amount
    City Costs $50.00
    State Costs  
         Victim of Crime Fee 9.00
         Indigent Defense Support Fund           
            Traffic Offense (moving violation per ORC 2949.094)
            Traffic Offense (non-moving violation per 2949.091(A)(1)(a)(iii))
            Misdemeanor Offense (non-traffic per ORC 2949.091(A)(1)(a)(ii))
         Drug Law Enforcement Fund (moving violations per 2949.094)  
         Justice Program Services Fund (moving violations per 2949.094)
         Indigent Drivers Alcohol Treatment (moving violations 2949.094)
    County Costs  
         REDSS (moving violations per ORC 2949.093)
         Crimestoppers (per ORC 307.62)
    Basic Court Costs  
         Computerization Fees 13.00
         Special Project Fee      
         Merchant Service Fee
    32.00 2.00
    Active Probation Supervision Fee 150.00
    Inactive Probation 25.00
    Appeal of BMV Suspensions 50.00
    Reinstatement Fee Payment Plan 15.00
    Bound over to Common Pleas Court 15.00
    Bond Posted 5.00
    Bond Surcharge 25.00
    Capias / Bond Forfeiture Capias / Warrant Block 30.00
    Continued at Defendant’s Request 10.00
    Commitment 10.00
    Community Work Service Fee 10.00
    Domestic Violence Intervention & Education Program 80.00
    DDVD-Deferred Judgment Program Placement 200.00
    Get On Track Program 200.00
    Ignition Interlock Order
    Indigent Application Fee for Public Defender 25.00
    Jury Impaneled and Sworn; Jury Fee Assessed 225.00
    Leave of Court for Late Waiver 20.00
    License Forfeiture Release Notice Sent to BMV ($5.00 City of Cleveland - $15.00 State of Ohio BMV) 20.00
    Court Ordered License Reinstatement Sent to BMV 20.00
    Mittimus (Jail Transport) 10.00
    Motion Filed by Defendant 5.00
    Motion/Application for Limited Driving Privileges 50.00
    Motion/Application to Expunge or Seal Record 50.00
    Non-Sufficient Funds (Check Returned) 35.00
    Non-Sufficient Funds Certified Mail Fee 7.00
    Request for File from National Underground Storage 25.00
    Online Transaction Fee 2.00
    Selective Intervention Program (if program is successfully completed and $200.00 fee paid - Case is Nolled and Record Sealed)     200.00
    Specialized Dockets Participation Fee
    Summons Ordered Issued 10.00
    Traffic Intervention Program  50.00
    Third Party Expungement or Sealing Record Fee (Optional)
    Time to Pay 15.00
    Time to Pay Monthly Fee 5.00
    Time to Pay Extended (90 Days) 15.00
    Work Release Ordered 100.00
    Subpoenas for a Cleveland Police Officer 5.00
    All other Subpoenas 11.00
    Certified Copies 5.00
    Disposition Copies 1.00
    Revised 3/17/18
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