Local Rules of Practice and Procedure

In order to effectively maintain a well organized mechanism for the initiation, pendency and resolution of matters before the Cleveland Municipal Court, it is necessary to provide and periodically review the practices and procedures of the court system, particularly as it is embodied in the local rules of court. As the substantive law continues to evolve, changes in practice and procedure are mandated. This change necessitates amendments to the local rules. These changes are designed to meet the requirements of current law, and the practices and procedures in the Cleveland Municipal Court. The following shall be the rules for the regulation of practice and proceedings until otherwise provided by this court, pursuant to Sections 1901.01 to 1901.41, inclusive, and other applicable sections of the Revised Code of Ohio, the Ohio Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, and the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio.

Rule 1. The Judiciary

1.01 Powers of the Court
1.02 Administrative Judge - Acting Administrative Judge
1.03 Presiding Judge - Acting Presiding Judge
1.04 Presiding Judge of the Housing Division
1.05 Selection of Presiding Judge / Administrative Judge
1.06 Unavailability of Assigned Judge
1.07 Disqualification of Assigned Judge
1.08 Joinder and Separation of Cases / Single Judge Assignment

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